Mitt Romney's Trash Man Stars in Union Attack Ad (Video)

Mitt Romney Garbage Man Ad - H 2012

Mitt Romney Garbage Man Ad - H 2012

The commercial is one of several that take the GOP candidate to task for his "47 percent" comment.

The newest media star for the president’s reelection campaign might be Mitt Romney’s garbage man.

The man who says he picks up the GOP candidate’s trash is named Richard Hayes, and he stars in an attack ad that accuses Romney of not caring about hard-working, “invisible” Americans.

The commercial is one of several from the America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, a labor union that supports President Barack Obama and is critical of Romney’s “47 percent” comment (see video of Romney’s remarks at a private fundraiser below).

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“My name is Richard Hayes, and I pick up Mitt Romney’s trash,” the 60-second ad begins. “We’re kind of like the invisible people.”

Hayes complains in the ad that the physical labor required by his job takes a toll on his health, then says: “When I’m 55, 60 years old, I know by body’s going to break down. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about that.”

The ad shows a garbage truck on a street with a white arrow pointing at “Mitt’s $12 million house in San Diego, CA.”

The ad includes a clip of Romney declaring, “It’s time for us to cut back on government.”

A second ad also features a sanitation worker, Joan Raymond, who says, “I like garbage.”

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Raymond doesn’t work a route that includes Romney’s house, but says that she used to.  “It’s so hypocritical,” she says, “because he is going after our workers and wanting to cut, cut, cut our workers. They are the same workers that are making that La Jolla neighborhood on the beach so beautiful.”

In a third ad, Temo Fuentes informs viewers that he repairs fire trucks in San Diego and that if Romney’s house were on fire there’s a 90 percent chance that one of the vehicles he has worked on would show up to douse the blaze. 

“Romney’s house looks like a house that my mom used to work at cleaning,” says Fuentes.

Each of the three ads, video of which is below, ends with the text:  

“Meet the people who make America happen. Mitt Romney doesn’t care about them.”