MK2 to pass on Le Pass for unlimited cinema


PARIS -- French filmgoers now have a limit to their once-unlimited multiaccess moviegoing ticket Le Pass, with Gallic distributor-exhibitor MK2 pulling out of the three-way partnership with fellow exhibitors Gaumont and Pathe.

As of Oct. 31 the Le Pass card will no longer be valid at MK2's 11 cinemas; however, passes already purchased will be valid until their expiration date and future cardholders will retain unlimited access to 85 Gaumont, Pathe and other partner theaters in France.

Le Pass, which costs €19.80 ($26.80) per month, allows filmgoers to see an unlimited number of films at all MK2, Gaumont and Pathe theaters in the Ile-de-France region.

MK2's move comes after company president Marin Karmitz caused a stir this year when published comments regarding the decrease in the profitability of the passes enraged both the Association of Authors, Directors and Playwrights and the Association of Authors, Composers and Playwrights.

Though MK2 refused comment on the split, the company plans to announce a new commercial offer for filmgoers soon.