Moët & Chandon Champagne Celebrates 150 Years With Never-Before-Seen Photos of Cary Grant, Paul Newman

ONE TIME USE ONLY- Cary Grant and Kim Novak and Paul Newman -Split-Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of Moët & Chandon/ HuffSchmitt SIPA (2)

"Moët & Chandon’s long-standing love affair with film is almost as old as cinema itself," says Moët & Chandon vice president Renaud Butel, on the occasion of Moët Impérial Brut Champagne's 150th anniversary next month.

Hollywood has a history with Moët & Chandon, now best known as the Golden Globes' official Champagne for the past 28 years. The house's iconic Moët Impérial, with a name that nods to its popularity among the French imperial courts, was created in 1869 and has had ties with the entertainment industry since the Golden Age of cinema.

In celebration of the wine's 150th anniversary in May — when the maison will host an extravaganza in Epernay, France — The Hollywood Reporter has been given access to never-before-seen archival photos of Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Andy Warhol and more stars sipping the Champagne on set and at birthday bashes. 

Moët & Chandon president Robert-Jean de Vogüé, who helmed the house between 1930 and 1970, recognized Hollywood stars on the big screen as "the new nobility," says Renaud Butel, current vp Moët & Chandon, in a statement to THR.

"The Moët Impérial legacy — characterized by success and glamour — resonates today across industries of grandeur. Hollywood is no exception, if not the perfect example. In fact, Moët & Chandon’s long-standing love affair with film is almost as old as cinema itself, through a tradition of associating its name with that of the celebrities of its time," Butel says. He says as the industry evolves with new artists and work in the spotlight, their mission will always be to maintain the drink's spirit and impact.

Butel adds, "Whether at the Golden Globes or Cannes, the art form deserves to toast with as much quality as is put into it, and Moët & Chandon remains the perfect complement." As recently as 2009, Scarlett Johansson became the first Hollywood star named ambassador to Moët & Chandon and, in 2010, hosted an intimate gala where she handpicked grapes at harvest time as part of the traditional festivities. (Roger Federer was appointed a brand ambassador in 2012.) 

In addition to the party in Epernay, the house will host Moët & Chandon Grand Day on June 22 in more than 80 countries, with more details to come.

Below, see the previously unreleased images and captions that come from Moët & Chandon's archives and vault, guarded by historians and archivists.