Moammar Gadhafi's Death: What the Media Is Saying

Mario Tama/Getty Images

"Upon hearing the news of Qaddafi's death the entire crowd spontaneously broke into quiet shrugs," wrote a Fox News contributor.

When news broke on Thursday that Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi had been killed by rebels, it was met with light-hearted and serious responses from Hollywood -- and news personalities took on the latter approach, for the most part.

Piers Morgan teased Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight, writing, "Historic show on @PiersTonight - the end of #Gadhafi, with dramatic new video, expert analysis +live reports from #Libya - #CNN 9pm ET."

Like Morgan, Anderson Cooper teased his show that night, writing, "New video of capture of #gadhafi, just coming in now. Will air on @AC360 8pm, 10pm #libya." He wrote another tweet on Thursday, which read, "Latest on capture and killing of #gadhafi. Was he executed? A reporter who was in Sirte weighs in @ac360 8p, 10p."

Sean Hannity wrote, "How do you feel about the death of Qaddafi?" Wolf Blitzer directed his followers to CNN: "Now no more doubt. Gadhafi is dead. Watch @CNN Breaking News."

Fox News' Andy Levy said, "At the airport. Upon hearing the news of Qaddafi's death the entire crowd spontaneously broke into quiet shrugs."

Keith Olbermann wrote, "Moammar Gadaffi is still dead. #OWS is still the lead: Officer Bologna claims HE's the victim, he wasn't aiming spray at women."

Christiane Amanpour wrote, "This is the first day of the post-Gadhafi era. The dictator is dead, now the real work to bring stability and freedom to Libya begins." Amanpour followed up with a lengthy post about the meaning of Gadhafi's death.

"When the news started trickling out this morning that Col. Moammar Gadhafi had been captured, or wounded or killed, I wasn't surprised. The uprising had long since toppled the pedestal upon which he had perched for the past 40 year," she wrote. "It was clear the dice were cast when I sat down with him in Libya this past February. His people had had enough. The fervor of the Arab Spring was spreading; the revolution coming out of Egypt was engulfing Libya."


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