Mobile ad market to exceed $12 bil by 2013

But report says big brands still skeptical

BRUSSELS -- The global mobile advertising market will surge from $1.72 billion in 2008 to $12.09 billion by 2013, according to a report from research group Informa.

The report warns that major big brands are still skeptical about the return on investment in the sector.

"The situation will change, but the plethora of companies looking to get a slice of the revenues must remain patient," report author Nick Lane said. "Releasing the big brands' spend is key to unlocking the potential of mobile advertising."

The report said even early-adopter big brands have yet to transfer more than 0.5% of their advertising budget onto mobile. This is in part down to the much-maligned issue of nonexistent measurement, but the report argues that these are short-term hurdles.

It also warns against accepting Internet-based models for advertising.

"True mobile advertising does not exist today," Lane said. "What we are referring to is 'advertising on mobile.' When mobile advertising combines user profiling, location and communication with unique mobile inventory, the industry can justify charging a premium rate over existing immeasurable advertising channels."