Mobile Beauty Apps Priv and BeGlammed Merge

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The two on-demand mobile beauty service apps (with fans such as Natalie Portman and Mariah Carey) unite to become a top player in the market; last month, Paris Hilton invested in The Glam App.

On Monday, June 10, on-demand beauty companies Priv and beGlammed reveal their business merger under the existing title Priv. Operating in a combined 32 cities (including their top revenue-driving markets Los Angeles and New York), the new Priv business will continue to offer in-home hair, makeup, nail, spa, fitness and grooming services for both women and men, as well as a remodeled online experience for both their customers and their network of over 30,000 beauty professionals.

The companies, both founded in 2014, have raised more than $15 million with investors from the U.S. and Europe and garnered interest from Hollywood. Natalie Portman, Mariah Carey and Joe Jonas have been known to tap the beGlammed app, while NBCUniversal owns a stake in Priv, allowing the company to provide hair, makeup and nail services for their on-air talent, as well as custom beauty bars for consumer-facing events. Intuitively, the business-to-business relationship has resulted in favor with the NBCUniversal-owned Bravo network and their casts, including The Real Housewives franchise, Vanderpump Rules and Summer House.





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"After careful consideration, I approached beGlammed’s executive team about merging our companies and they were immediately receptive," Joseph Terzi, founder of Priv and CEO of the merged business entity, told The Hollywood Reporter. "To illustrate how complementary these businesses are, many of Priv’s registered users are in cities that Priv did not service prior to the merger, cities that are now served by the combined company. We can now offer services to all those registered users in their home cities. And on the customer service front, we will layer beGlammed’s higher touch customer service onto Priv’s more automated system for a hybrid solution that is abundantly scalable, yet retains some of the personal touch that our beauty customers desire."

The news comes at a time when the global beauty market is a multibillion-dollar industry. The opportunity was not lost on Paris Hilton, who late last month invested and became a partner with The Glam App after studying its services as a customer for four years. The app, launched by celebrity makeup artist and hair stylist Joey Maalouf with his first partner and CEO Katrina Barton in 2015,  is playing up Hilton’s star power by offering two new limited-edition looks: The Hollywood (for a red carpet-ready visage) and the Paris (which includes the heiress-turned-businesswoman’s beauty rituals).

"As a businesswoman who is constantly on the road, I fell in love with The Glam App," Hilton told THR by email. "I always like to be associated with the best and I like to be innovative. I wanted to partner and invest in the app because I am very passionate when it comes to beauty, and The Glam App aligns perfectly with my ever-growing empire."

Hilton continued: "I am a huge tech geek! To combine that with my love for all things beauty and be a part of something that is the future of beauty services is so exciting."

Terzi is also aware of the potential of the mobile beauty service business. "Until now, we have only scratched the surface," he said. "We were inspired to merge because we recognized there are a handful of players in the on-demand beauty industry. We wanted to consolidate two of the largest brands to create a clear leader in the space."

Priv aims to become a frontrunner in the market with a focus on technological advances as well as innovation. While there are currently no plans to develop accompanying brick-and-mortar locations, Terzi told THR, "We are seeing brands launch product lines, integrate AI-powered augmented reality and develop unique influencer partnerships. We are considering all avenues of growth at this time."

In the near future, Priv will continue with a tried-and-true method of gaining traction by perfecting its reputation in Hollywood, according to Terzi. "BeGlammed’s team holds deep relationships with leading companies in the entertainment business such as CAA, Endeavor and several other PR and talent agencies. They have activated each year at Sundance Film Festival, Toronto [International] Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival, and Priv has been involved in the scene as well. Priv will inherit those relationships and continue to build upon the rapport that both companies have developed in the entertainment industry."