Mobile Games Hotspot: 'Call of Duty' Hits $87M; 'Spies in Disguise' Gets Tie-In Title

Call of Duty Mobile - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy Activision

Elsewhere in gaming-on-the-go: 'Mario Kart Tour' races into London; a blizzard rolls into 'Harry Potter: Wizards Unite'; and 'Best Fiends' debuts a new holiday animated short.

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Call of Duty Mobile wrapped up its first two months on the mobile market with $87 million in revenue and over 172 million downloads since it debuted on Oct. 1, analytics firm Sensor Tower reports. The U.S. led in total downloads, accounting for more than 16 percent of worldwide installs, while India followed at 10 percent and Brazil at 7 percent.

While overall revenue for the shooter title has been impressive, its numbers have dropped from $55 million in October to $31 million in November. 

Season two of Call of Duty Mobile kicked off last week and introduced two zombie modes a new battle pass. This particular battle pass features winter-themed cosmetics and items, including a new snowman emote, a candy cane-themed skin for frag grenades and an Alaskan-themed wingsuit. The Call of Duty: Black Ops map Summit also makes a return.

Here's what else is happening in the world of mobile games:

Mario Kart Tour Races Into London

The Winter Tour has sped through Mario Kart Tour and left the London Tour to take its place. A brand-new track known as the London Loop will be included in cups throughout the next two weeks and features familiar real-life landmarks like the London Eye, Westminster Bridge and Palace and The Tower of London. While there aren't any new characters, this tour continues the trend of altering existing character models for Daisy (Holiday Cheer) and Waluigi (Bus Driver), both rare collectible "spotlight" characters, and the Red Koopa (Freerunning), a standard character.

A Blizzard Rolls Into Wizards Unite

A chilly update arrived to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite this week with a number of holiday-themed events planned for the rest of December. Starting now and ending Tuesday, the Hogwarts Yule Ball features quests where rewards like the Yule Ball Robes or the Animated Snowflakes Sticker can be unlocked. Community Day is set for Dec. 14 and will feature special Portkeys that can unlock rare magical creatures at Hagrid's Hut. Dec. 17-24 takes on part two of the Yule Ball, with the 12 Tasks of Christmas set to take place sometime during the event.

Spies in Disguise Film Gets Companion Game

A new endless runner (a genre of games where the player character runs forward on an endlessly generating map) is hitting the mobile scene, but this time it's based off the upcoming film Spies in Disguise from 20th Century Fox. With Spies in Disguise: Agents on the Run, players can pick from one of the three main characters to sprint down city streets with unlockable gadgets or in the special vehicle mode. The film is set to premiere Dec. 25, so you can expect the mobile game to be released shortly before on iOS and Android.

Latest House Enters Marvel: Realm of Champions

The world of Marvel: Realm of Champions continues to expand with the announcement of the second house faction, the Temple of Vishanti. This otherworldly realm features locales like the mysterious Astral Plane and the hellish Dark Dimension. Its Marvel connection comes in the form of the house's leader and the current Ancient One, Stephen Strange. The first house, Patriot Garrison, is led by President Peggy Carter, as was revealed last month.

Best Fiends Debuts Holiday Short

Following the launch of Best Fiends Stars in November, developer Seriously has released a new animated short based on a classic Christmas story. Zootopia and Futurama star Maurice LaMarche voices main character Howie, and the feature is available to watch now.