Mobile Games Hotspot: 'Mario Kart Tour' Teases Multiplayer; Peggy Carter Reports for Marvel Game

Mario Kart Tour Game Still 2 - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Nintendo

Elsewhere in gaming-on-the-go: 'Magic: The Gathering' teams with Netmarble for card-battling new title; children's book 'Blobbies' goes interactive; and more games roll out on Apple Arcade.

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Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's most recent mobile release that saw over 129 million downloads in its first month, is finally getting the multiplayer treatment.

The game's official Twitter account revealed last week that a "real-time" multiplayer beta test is planned for December. According to the announcement, only those who are part of the game's monthly subscription service known as the Gold Pass will be able to participate. It's not clear whether this is simply for the beta or for multiplayer as a whole.

Although the Mario Kart series is primarily known for its multiplayer antics, the mobile offering launched without any way to play with, or against, friends. 

In other Mario Kart news, a brand-new in-game tour has arrived which introduces the Paris Promenade course, a new track based in Paris, France. The update includes three new variations on previously released characters including Peach (Vacation), Shy Guy (Pastry Chef) and Toad (Pit Crew). Mario Circuit 3 from Super Mario Kart also joins the track list.

Here's what else is happening in the world of mobile games:

Magic: ManaStrike Announced

The Magic: The Gathering series is no stranger to mobile, but a new partnership between Netmarble and Wizards of the Coast aims to shake things up. Magic: ManaStrike brings player-vs.-player action to the card-battling genre. Different units and cards are used to fight along two lanes, as players push each other back and forth until one team reaches the other's base. Familiar spells and characters are set to appear alongside other classic references to the main series. More will be revealed later this month during the G-Star 2019 convention in South Korea.

Peggy Carter Reports for Duty in Marvel: Realm of Champions

Marvel: Realm of Champions will feature factions known as "houses" that players can align with to team up with friends. The first house to be officially announced is Patriot Garrison, a city frozen in time for the last 100 years that has recently returned to reclaim its former glory and power in the Battleworld. Their leader and president, Peggy Carter, commands the military, something she is only able to do because of a serum that saved her life. More in-game houses will continue to be unveiled as the game gets closer to its 2020 launch.

Apples Aplenty

Apple is steadily trickling out games for its Apple Arcade service and, just like last week, an additional five games have been added to the service. The total number of titles hasn't hit the promised 100-mark yet, but this recent batch brings the total count to 83. The five new games include the time-bending side-scroller Jumper Jon, the eight multiplayer minigame compilation Super Mega Mini Party, the surreal and dark The Mosaic, the aquatic platformer Monomals and the spacey and strange Star Fetched.

Children's Book Blobbies Makes Jump to Mobile

The cute and cuddly critters in Blobbies are making the jump from children's book to mobile in an upcoming app designed for iOS and Android. The titular characters are able to change shape at will, and this ability is used for the game's different challenges, including a personality chart test. The new game is aiming for a 2020 release, with additional updates coming through the Kickstarter.