Mobile Games Hotspot: 'Pokemon Go' Gives Players a Vote; 'Call of Duty Mobile' Kicks Off Season 3

Opening day of the Pokemon Go Safari Zone- Taipei Metropolitan Park in New Taipei City on October 3, 2019 - Getty-H 2020
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Elsewhere in gaming-on-the-go: 'Tetris' gets booted off phones; Apple Arcade gets new additions; and 'Seven Deadly Sins' gets a mobile game.

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Pokemon Go continues its strong start to 2020 with the announcement of a new event and a twist to its monthly Community Day format.

To commemorate the start of the Year of the Rat, a new event is set to begin Friday where red Pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild. These include Charmeleon, Wurmple, Flareon and the newly introduced Darumaka. A shiny Gyarados also has a chance to appear in the wild. Additionally, 7km eggs, which can be obtained by accepting gifts from friends, also have the chance to hatch a Shuckle, Foongus or the mentioned Darumaka. Gifts may also drop Rare Candy. The event is set to end Feb. 3.

Meanwhile, players will be able to vote for one of four Pokemon to take the spotlight during the upcoming Community Day in February. On Feb. 1, players can vote by collecting Field Research tasks in-game and only completing the task related to their Pokemon of choice. After tallying all the tasks globally, the Pokemon with the most completed tasks will be announced on Feb. 3. The possible Pokemon include Machop, Rhyhorn, Vulpix and Dratini. The actual Community Day will take place Feb. 22. 

A Limited Research Day is planned for Feb. 2. Minccino and its evolution Cinccino will be available to catch and hatch for the first time. During a three-hour window, Minccino and its shiny variant will appear more often in the wild.

Here's a look at what else is happening in the world of mobile games.

Season 3 Begins in Call of Duty Mobile

The start of a new season means a new round additions and a new battle pass for the online multiplayer shooter. Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard returns as a new map, and a second and completely new map named Cage is set to release sometime during Season 3. A new Rapid Fire mode gives players a chance to earn Scorestreaks and Operators Skills faster and sets up more chaotic matches. The Battle Royale mode gets a new option named Warfare, where larger teams work together to get eliminations and the ability to respawn is enabled.

More Games for Apple Arcade

Since slowing down its game releases late last year, Apple Arcade is once again introducing new titles to its lineup. In 2020, three new games have made their way onto the subscription-based service. These include the calm and stylistic exploration game Doomsday Vault, the space shoot-'em-up No Way Home and the multiplayer enabled 3D platformer Kings of the Castle.

Two Tetris Games to Be Delisted

Both Tetris and Tetris Blitz, two mobile takes on the classic game, are being pulled from both iOS and Android on April 21. They will no longer be available to download or play, even if they are already installed on a device. Tetris was first released in 2011 through a partnership with EA Mobile and The Tetris Co. A new variation, Tetris Blitz, was released in 2013. No word on why these two mobile games are being discontinued, but it may have to do with the upcoming release of Tetris Royale.

Seven Deadly Sins Gets Mobile Game

Another anime is getting the mobile game treatment, and this time it's in the form of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. The upcoming RPG features 3D graphics and over 100 cutscenes featuring the cast of the anime, including the use of the original Japanese voice actors. Pre-registration on both the App Store and Google Play is now available, and those that do get the main hero Meliodas, two costumes, 30 premium currency diamonds and 100,000 in-game currency gold.