Mobile Upgrade: Cell Phone Cases Are the New Purses

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid

It's by your side nearly all hours of the day, so it only makes sense that your most important accessory should be dressed to the nines.

The cell phone is the most universally owned accessory — but it's usually the last thing one thinks about accessorizing. While shoppers are getting priced out of handbags, mobile cases remain one of the most affordable items that luxury brands have to offer.

If you can't afford the purse you're lusting over, and saving money is mission impossible, go for a niche mobile look. A Chanel phone case will get your selfies gear-checked so hard that you'll think you're the next Blonde Salad.

Answer the call to join the upper echelon of mobile users with one of these chic phone "lewks."

Back In Black
Actress Salma Hayek rocked Gucci’s Bio Plastic iPhone 6 case at Gucci’s Cruise 2017 Westminster Abbey presentation. The eco-friendly case is 100 percent biodegradable — so feel free to toss it in the recycling bin when it’s past its use.

The Old Guard 
A timeless choice. Bond with your boyfriend’s mom over your mutual love of Chanel with this classic case made of iridescent grained calfskin. Rest assured this one will never go out style — until Apple releases a different-sized phone.

Street Style Cred
If (nerdy-looking) phone protection isn’t your gig, go for a flashy designer case. Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney release new cases each season, gaining massive runway time — where product placement is optimal (and expensive).

Put Your Name On It 
Personalized accessories are in. For a high-end bespoke case, look no further than Vianel New York’s chic options. Instagram hearts went aflutter when model Erin Wasson debuted this “Babe is Busy” Red Leather Vianel case.

Find Your Light
Tech-savvy selfie queen Kim Kardashian continues her collaboration with Lumee, previewing the newest logo and case colors on her Snapchat. A girl needs her light.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun 
If you’re the type to wild out and drop your phone more than once, make like Jenner at NYFW and nab a case from Otter Products’ Statement Series line. Being safe is sexy, sometimes.