Moby Gets Into e-Commerce

Photographed by Spencer Lowell

Pick up everything from tunes to tea in the online store for the musician's vegan bistro.

He’s an ardent musician, restaurateur and animal activist.

Now, Moby is channeling all his passions into one website with the launch of an e-commerce site for his organic vegan restaurant, Little Pine, in Los Angeles. Making its debut on Wednesday, the website is the musician’s virtual retail destination for handpicked pieces from his favorites artists and artisans, as well as the launching pad for his soon-to-be-released new album, Long Ambients 2016: sleep, calm, which will be available for free download.

In keeping with Moby's commitment to his furry friends, all items on the site and vegan and cruelty-free, from branded apparel from the plant-based bistro to ethically made home goods and gifts including California-inspired scented candles, recycled jewelry, vegan cookbooks, pillows and more. The site also will feature artworks from the likes of pals Shepard Fairey and Gary Baseman and the singer-songwriter himself.

And since Moby’s love of tea is no secret (remember his now-shuttered New York teahouse Teany?), he’s also curated an extensive selection of tea and accessories for the site. Just like the restaurant, 100 percent of profits from the store will benefit animal-welfare organizations. Let's raise a cup of loose-leaf Earl Grey lavender to that.