MOCA Teams With the Total Look Show to Host a Fashion, Food Fete

While the Oscars showcase Hollywood's hot new styles, the Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting a dinner to celebrate an homage to the sixties.

The new MOCA show The Total Look is a celebration of the fashion/art collaboration between designer Rudi Gernreich, model Peggy Moffitt and photographer extraordinaire William Claxton (who was also Moffitt's longtime husband until his death a few years ago). Gernreich, who invented the topless bathing suit, was once a sketch artist for costume designer Edith Head, but went on to become one of the designers who defined the mod sixties aesthetic with his chic body conscious designs and bathing suits. He and Mary Quant in London pretty much invented the colorful mini shift dress. 

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Mottitt, of course, was Gernreich's favorite model and muse: with her heavy black Sassoon bowl haircut and giant eyes -- and tiny figure -- she helped define both Gernreich's look and the sixties style in general. The exhibition will feature clothes, photos and all the magic of the period -- and it will open the day of the Oscars (Feb 26) and run through May 20th at MOCA at the Pacific Design Center. After the Oscar insanity is over, put this on your to-do list for sure. 

This Saturday night's dinner -- right in the midst of all the Oscar parties! -- will be co-hosted by art patroness Maria Bell, MAC Cosmetic's John Demsey (MAC is the sponsor of the show), and Gelila and Wolfgang Puck, who's no doubt still prepping The Governor's Ball dinner. You know this event's going to be a chic fest because the decor was created specially in the theme by Barney's Creative Consultant Simon Doonan and furniture designer Jonathan Adler, known best for his sixties' aesthetic. Rudi Gernreich-inspired attire is encouraged -- and we have a feeling we're going to see a LOT of mini dresses with black tights and go go boots, not to mention major major eyelashes.

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