Model Files Police Report Against Paul Marciano, Mohamed Hadid for Sexual Harassment and Assault

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The 23-year-old is being represented by Lisa Bloom.

Miranda Vee, a 23-year-old aspiring model, filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department on Tuesday evening accusing Mohamed Hadid, father of supermodels Gigi and Bella, and Guess co-founder Paul Marciano of sexual harassment and assault. She was accompanied by attorney Lisa Bloom, who also represented male models who had accused Bruce Weber of harassment.

According to TMZVee first reported the allegations on social media in a post which has since been deleted. After the initial accusation was made public, Hadid admitted that he had met with Vee, who claimed to be a fan, but that "it was not a date and not once did I touch her." 

Bloom detailed in an email to The Hollywood Reporter, "Yesterday Miranda and I went down to Los Angeles police headquarters and met with two detectives who handle sex crime cases. Miranda answered all of their questions in a meeting that lasted about two hours. We provided corroborating evidence. The detectives asked us not to share facts or details of the interview as it could jeopardize their investigation, and so we are respecting that request."

In her original social media post, since deleted, Vee first thanked Kate Upton for coming forward with her own allegations of harassment at the hands of Guess co-founder Paul Marciano. (Upton later detailed her encounter in an interview with Time; Marciano has denied all accusations, telling TMZ he "never touched" the supermodel.) Vee went on to claim that she met with Marciano to discuss a test shoot for Guess, and that he later arranged for her to meet with Hadid, whose daughter Gigi has modeled for Guess since she was a toddler.

“Thank you @kateupton it is time people like @paulmarciano & @mohamedhadid get exposed for who they really are!" read the caption, according to TMZ. "I met with paul at his @guess headquarters that is actually a apartment where he sexually harassed me & after that passed me on to his friend [Mohamed] who was going to meet me for ‘coffee.'" 

She continued, “I thought it was a professional meeting but It was just me, him & champagne where he date raped me in a apartment. All to get a test shoot for guess. LAST year when I [tried] to speak out about it they found out & made me sign a NON-disclosure agreement & I only agreed to sign because paul threatened me & said he would get me disappeared if I ever say anything. #TIMESUP Why should we have to stay quiet because they have the power? #METOO.”

Bloom added that an attorney for Guess left a letter for Vee regarding an investigation into Marciano's conduct that was ordered following Upton's accusations. "I advised the attorney that I represent her and that I would not permit her to be questioned by the company's attorney, because I do not send my clients into the lion's den. I encouraged the company to bring in a neutral third party investigator, and if they did, it is likely that we would cooperate."

At the Anna Sui show at New York Fashion Week on Monday evening, Hadid again denied the allegations, telling Page Six, "The story is gone so it’s just a false accusation. I feel they are right [about #metoo] and they should change the culture of any industry. I have four daughters so I am very respectful toward women and I understand all this, but at the same time there are a lot of false accusations that are damaging to certain people. In general, I think that women should stand up and speak out.”

THR has reached out to Hadid for comment.