5 Books the Models Were Reading Backstage at NYFW

Photo by Kathryn Romeyn

Add these picks to your reading list.

Models have a lot of time to kill backstage during Fashion Week. Hours, in fact. As they sit in the hair and makeup chair and get their nails painted, some snack, others listen to music, many text with their friends and a few play iPhone games. And a select few read great books.

Here, five book recommendations from catwalks at NYFW.

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Sharp Objects, by Gillian Flynn

"My friend left it for me — it’s scary. The book is about a journalist and she’s trying to figure out who’s killing little girls in her town. I always have a book with me, it’s like when someone needed to have a watch with them, with me it’s always a book. I go around everywhere with a book or I feel naked. Before this I read Little Bee. It’s about a refugee from Nigeria. I liked it. This one is a bit scary, I can’t read it at night."  — Stephanie

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey

"I haven’t read it before, I’m about halfway through and it’s really interesting. I really like it." — Model at the Creatures of the Wind show

The Winner Stands Alone, by Paolo Coelho

"It’s a super cool book. It’s like a modeling industry how it’s going, like what is the main things there and how to be successful, so super interesting." — Polly

Talk Like TED, by Carmine Gallo

"I’m actually reading Talk Like TED. It’s about the presentation secrets of the top presenters of the world. It breaks down the most effective way to give a presentation, the art of persuasion, all different. It’s amazing. I read the whole thing and I’m reading it again. It’s incredible." — Allison

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Vanishing Girls, by Lauren Oliver

“I love it, it’s like a mystery — obviously by the title — and I’m all about the mysteries. I’m about halfway through and I’m having the hardest time putting it down. It’s so good. I always tend to have a book with me, and I like it when it’s a real book, which can be a pain to lug around. It’s a good backstage thing." — Carson