This Is What Models Are Snacking On to Get Through Fashion Week

Models at NYFW - P 2015
Kathryn Romeyn

Models at NYFW - P 2015

They only look like they're starving.

Prior to popular belief, we’ve learned this NYFW that models really do eat. Each show is catered, and they do nibble and munch on things backstage.They just appear as if they haven’t had a meal in weeks. Model Hanne Gaby Odiele even professed her love of spaghetti.

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So we polled a few of the catwalkers behind the scenes at Alexander Wang’s 10th anniversary show to find out what fueled them through the busy week of runways. Before they stepped out for stars like Nicki Minaj and Mary J. Blige they told Pret-a-Reporter this:

“The thing that gets me through fashion week is water and protein bars. I like Quest bars but I prefer pure protein bars.” — Peyton Knight

“I like Skittles a lot. I eat a lot of Skittles when I’m stressed.” — Stella Lucia

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“Always pack snacks in the morning. Snacks and water. I really like energy bars—everyone makes fun of me because I always have an energy bar with me. I like Kind bars, I carry those around a lot. It’s good to grab an apple or banana too or some nuts.” — Olivia Jansing

“My favorite is dried mango.” — Carla

“Whatever is in there (catering). There’s no way to get through it—it sucks.” — Julia Nobis