'Modern Family' Cast Dishes on 'Creepy' Moments, Inappropriate Jokes and Dream Guest Stars

John Shearer/Invision/AP
From left: Ed O'Neill, Julie Bowen and Jesse Tyler Ferguson walked the red carpet at "Modern Family Fan Appreciation Day."

The cast and creators of the hit comedy, now in repeats on USA, came out for a "Fan Appreciation Day" table read and Q&A in Los Angeles.

A month into its syndicated run on USA, the Modern Family cast and crew were trotted out for their biggest fans.

In what the network dubbed "Fan Appreciation Day," USA selected 600 Modern devotees to attend a table read and Q&A at Westwood's Regency Village Theater. In keeping with the theme, fans had selected season two's "Caught in the Act" for the read-through. The episode, in which the Dunphy kids walk in on their parents having sex, won a 2011 Emmy for its writing, thanks to co-producer Jeffrey Richman and co-creator Steven Levitan, who acknowledged that it was inspired by a real-life incident.

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The Oct. 28 event comes as part of an unprecedented marketing push at USA, which shelled out nearly $1.8 million an episode for reruns of the 20th Century Fox TV show. As THR previously reported, the cable network spent nearly $10 million on a campaign traditionally reserved for original series. Beginning Sept. 24, it launched Modern repeats five nights a week, hoping the popular series -- which has earned the outstanding comedy Emmy for four consecutive years -- would help the network kick-start its own comedy brand.

Much like the show, the evening offered big laughs, whether it was Julie Bowen’s flawless impression of Sofia Vergara's characteristic Colombian accent, Rico Rodriquez’s persistent heckling of the show’s writers for not giving him a role in "Caught in the Act" or Richman’s confession that he was more relieved as a writer than a gay man when Prop 8 was overturned. (At one point, the crew led the packed auditorium in singing “Happy Birthday” to Nolan Gould; he turned 15.)

Here's a look at some of the funniest moments of the night: 

Ed O’Neill (Jay) on his instant reaction to the news that Sofia Vergara (Gloria) would play his on-screen wife: "That makes perfect sense."

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell) on cutting inappropriate jokes from the script: "We had like seven Asian jokes in the pilot. I was like, let’s take one of them out." [Vergara responded: "But the Latin jokes, you don’t take any of them out!"]

Ty Burrell (Phil) on whether "it ever gets freaky" for his character to be lusting after his mother-in-law, Gloria: "It’s always pretty creepy."

Ferguson on how his onscreen proposal compared to his real-life one: "It was better written … I actually wish I’d thought of that. I had a really sweet proposal, but it was a little more organic. It didn’t happen while changing a tire."

Aubrey Anderson–Emmons (Lily) on her favorite person to work with on the show: "Sofia." [Eric Stonestreet (Cam): "Because she gives her C-A-N-D-Y."]

Burrell on Anderson–Emmons' first day on set: "Sofia picked her up and Aubrey latched on and it was like something that had never … you could just see that she was fascinated. Everybody in the crew was like, 'Lucky kid.'"

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Sarah Hyland (Haley) on who she'd like to see on the show: "I’m really excited about Adam DeVine being on the show. I’m a huge fan of his from Workaholics and Pitch Perfect and I’m friends with him in real life. I don’t know where [the writers] are going, but I’m just saying … I like him."

Julie Bowen (Claire) on which other castmember she'd rather be: "In real life, I’d like to be Ed. There’s always a team of people exfoliating me and I’m like, “No one is going to see my butt. Stop.” But Ed comes in jeans and he’s good."

Levitan on taking the show to Colombia: "We actually really want to, and I think we will someday. Some of us had the pleasure of going to Sofia’s big birthday in Mexico with her entire Colombian family, like 80 Colombians. We spent four or five days partying with the Colombians and it was just a different world. We’d go to a bar after dinner and all of a sudden instruments would start appearing from under tables. It’s like, where did the band come from?"

Rico Rodriquez (Manny) on whether he feels like Antonio Banderas in a 10-year-old's body: "Yeah, I can kind of picture that. Of course, all I know him from is Shrek."