Molly Glynn, 'Chicago Fire' Actress, Dies After Getting Struck by Falling Tree

Chicago Fire Episodic 11/12 - H 2013

Chicago Fire Episodic 11/12 - H 2013

The 46-year-old actress was riding her bike with her husband

Molly Glynn, an actress who recurred on NBC's Chicago Fire, died Saturday after getting struck by a falling tree. She was 46.

Glynn was riding her bike with husband Joe Foust in Chicago's Erickson Woods on Friday afternoon when the tree fell and hit her, according to CBS. She was taken to Evanston Hospital in Chicago and died the following day from the injuries. 

Molly played a doctor in three episodes of Chicago Fire and has appeared in episodes of Boss and Early Edition.

Foust updated his Facebook page with the tragic news. On Friday, he posted about the accident: "Friends, this is the darkest day of my life. Things will never be the same. Molly got hit by a falling tree while we were biking. At hospital now. Prognosis is grim."

After Glynn died on Saturday, Foust wrote on Facebook: "I couldn't save her. I couldn't save her. She's gone." Later, he thanked everyone for their support, adding: "Love hard, people. Love hard."

A Give Forward page has been set up to collect donations to help Foust pay for medical and funeral expenses and to support his children. At press time, more than $110,000 of the hoped-for $125,000 had been collected.

On Saturday, Foust set this photo of himself and Glynn as his Facebook profile pic:


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