Molly Parker to direct first feature

'The Ballad of Maura MacKenzie' to shoot in Canada

TORONTO -- Taking a step back from acting, Molly Parker is to direct her first feature in Canada.

Parker ("Swingtown," "Deadwood") is to shoot "The Ballad of Maura MacKenzie" in Newfoundland and Toronto in late summer 2011 for indie producers Markham Street Films and Rock Island Productions.

The drama is based on the Joan Clark novel "An Audience of Chairs," which portrays the struggles of woman alone in a Cape Breton farmhouse, battling mental illness while grieving the loss of her two daughters.

The script was written by Rock Island's Rosemary House.

No word on casting.

Parker is lending her star wattage to two pictures at this week's Toronto International Film Festival, "Trigger" and "Oliver Sherman."

Parker's breakout acting role was in Toronto in 1996 with Lynne Stopkewich's "Kissed," where she played a young woman whose fixation with death led her to acts of necrophilia in a mortuary.
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