Molodist Film Fest to Be Launched in Kiev on October 20

Gimme The Loot

The festival is to be focused on works by younger filmmakers.

MOSCOW – On Oct. 20, the 42nd edition of the international film festival Molodist is to open in Kiev, with about 300 movies scheduled to be screened during the nine-day event, traditionally focused on films by younger filmmakers.

The festival’s main program is to be the international competition, complemented by the short film and student film competitions, Sunny Bunny, run in cooperation with a well known Ukrainian LGBT cultural event of the same name, and non-competition screenings.

Among the highlights of the feature competition program are Gimme the Loot by American director Adam Leon, centered on New York City graffiti artists; the Ukrainian/German/Serbian co-production Istalgia (Eastalgia), directed by Darya Onyshchenko; Poupata (Flower Buds), a story focused on miserable small-town life from Czech director Zden?k Jiráský, and Alyah by France’s Elie Wajeman, centered on a 27-year-old Parisian drug dealer who wants to begin a new life by moving to Tel Aviv.

The festival’s main industry event is to be the annual Boat Meeting co-production market, scheduled to be held on Oct. 25-26. For this edition, nine projects have been selected, including Russia’s Brothers CH, to be produced by Liza Antonova and directed by Mikhail Ugarov, and Romania’s Eastern Business, to be produced by Iiliana Tarnovetchi and directed by Igor Cobileansci.

Molodist’s international jury is to announce the winners on Oct. 28.