Mom Calls C-SPAN to Scold Arguing Pundit Sons

CSPAN Woodhouse Brothers Still - H 2014

"Oh God, it's Mom"

All Brad and Dallas Woodhouse's mom wants is a peaceful Christmas, and if it means she has to surprise her pundit sons by calling into C-SPAN and telling them to knock off their bickering, so be it.

The Woodhouse brothers are politically divided and often bitterly debate their conservative versus liberal views. Their mother, aptly named Joy, decided she wanted them to get these arguments out of their system before they come home for Christmas, and she told them so when she called C-SPAN during their joint guest appearance.

"Oh God, it's Mom," said Dallas Woodhouse, dropping his head into his hands when he heard his mom's voice on the call. The clip is full of family moments like this, with Brad also covering his face as their mother spoke. Brad, in a total older brother move, even whispered to Dallas, "Let your Mom talk," when Dallas elaborated on one of her comments.

Joy told host Steve Scully, “They’re both very passionate about what they believe in, and I love that about them; but I hope they just kinda get this out of their system today on your program.” Watch the surprise call-in below.