Babysitter Charged for Allegedly Duct-Taping Boys and Forcing Them to Watch 'Mommie Dearest'

Mommie Dearest Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Photofest

Mommie Dearest Still - H 2015

Glenn Oliver is facing child abuse and false imprisonment charges in Nebraska.

Police have arrested a man in Nebraska City who allegedly used duct tape to force two young boys to watch the film Mommie Dearest.

Glenn Oliver, 29, faces charges of child abuse and false imprisonment, according to court records obtained by The Hollywood Reporter. The allegations claim that Oliver was babysitting the two boys, ages four and six, while their mother worked on Sunday.

Court records say that Oliver told police the boys' mother had told him the children had to watch the movie, but when they wouldn't listen he duct-taped them to their chairs.

According to court records, Officer Benjamin Murry claims Oliver told him "he didn't think it was that big of a deal." According to Murry, Oliver said he was tired and frustrated that the boys were not listening to him and so he duct-taped them so that they could not move and would be forced to watch Mommie Dearest

The duct-tape was allegedly used on the boys' mouths, wrists, chests, ankles and heads.

Murry said that he was shown photographs of the boys restrained to the chairs, by the woman who had removed the two boys from the home, along with one other unidentified child who had not been tied down. Murry said he observed the duct tape was very tight on the youngest of the boys, the four-year-old, and in his opinion the child could have been at risk for positional asphyxia, which prevents a person from breathing adequately.