Monica Lewinsky Shopping Book Deal (Report)

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The former White House intern is said to be pitching a hush-hush project.

Monica Lewinsky, the former White House intern whose sexual dalliance with President Bill Clinton was at the heart of his impeachment, is shopping a top secret book deal, according to the New York Post.

Page Six reported that Lewinsky is "making the rounds" of major publishers, who were required to sign non-disclosure agreements in advance of a meeting. 

The paper had no details about the contents but the publishing "insider" who leaked the story promised that "every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say."

A rep for Lewinsky offered no comment.

The Huffington Post reports that news of a Lewinsky book deal is wrong. 

This would be Lewinsky's first book with her name on the cover as author.  Biographer Andrew Morton (Diana: Her True Story) wrote Monica's Story in 1998 with Lewinsky's cooperation but she wasn't an official co-author. 

In the wake of former President Clinton's well-recieved speech at the Democratic Convention, Lewinsky's name has resurfaced in the news, as commentators recalled the scandal that nearly cost him the presidency.

Lewinsky was a White House intern in the mid-90s when she had a brief (and icky -- remember the cigar and the dress?) fling with Clinton.  Republican inquiries into the president's behavior and his carefully parsed non-denial denials became the basis for his impeachment in 1998.  

The Senate failed to convict Clinton of the House of Representative's charges and he remained president. 

Lewinsky has kept a low profile since giving some interviews in 2004 after Clinton published his memoir My Life, moving to England in 2005 to attend the London School of Economics.

Amazingly, Lewinsky--still remembered as the dewy-eyed recent college graduate of the scandal--turns 40 this year.

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