'Monster Garage' set to return

Discovery changing series to 'MG: Motor City'

Discovery Channel is bringing back its hit "Monster Garage," relocating the production to Detroit and dubbing the series "MG: Motor City." It will premiere in the fall.

The show will feature a pair of top-notch bike designers and builders leading a team of fabricators, mechanics and welders who, with only seven days and $3,000, have to turn average vehicles into outrageous contraptions of fantasy and function.

Thom Beers, creator/exec producer of the original "Monster garage" series, which ran on Discovery Channel from 2002 to 2006, is back as an exec producer of the new series alongside Tom McMahon. For Discovery Channel, Tim Pastore is executive producer.

The first episode in the new "MG: Motor City" will feature an antique Model T being transformed into a "Gasser," a term coined in the 1950s when people modified their cars.