'Monster's Ball' Screenwriter Hit by NYC Subway Train

Academy Award nominated Will Rokos is in critical, but stable condition after getting sideswiped when he leaned over the platform.

Monster's Ball screenwriter Will Rokos survived getting hit by a New York City subway train over the weekend.

Rokos, who won an Academy Award nomination for the drama, was in critical, but stable condition at Bellevue Hospital Sunday -- one day after a train sideswiped his head as he leaned over a subway platform, the New York Post reports.

A Northbound No. 2 train struck Rokos inside the 14th Street station Saturday afternoon. He was sent flying back onto the platform, where traingoers urged him to stay still. Officials told the Post he was semi-conscious and alert when police arrived.

The train's driver spotted Rokos and slammed on his breaks, but couldn't stop before five cars had pulled into the station.

Monster's Ball star Halle Berry became the first African-American to win a Best Actress Academy Award in 2002 after starring in the drama. Rokos was up for Best Original Screenplay.

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