'Monsters' Follows a Day in the Life of a Broken Marriage (Exclusive Berlin Trailer)

Monsters Still 2 - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Berlinale

The Romanian drama, from Marius Olteanu, explores 24 hours in the life of a married couple, struggling with gender identity and social norms in a climate of increasing intolerance.

Romanian cinema has long been a focus at the Berlin International Film Festival, highlighted by Adina Pintilie's 2018 Golden Bear winner Touch Me Not and Calin Peter Netzer's Child's Pose, which won Berlin's top prize in 2013.

Romanian films were shut out of this year's competition, but aiming to fill the festival's Bucharest gap is the drama Monsters, from first-time writer-director Marius Olteanu. Like all the best of Romanian cinema, Monsters is a proudly intellectual work, examining questions of societal and gender norms through the simplest of settings: 24 hours in the life of a married couple.

Parada Film, the production company behind Child's Pose, produced Monsters, with Robert Fita, and Ioachim Stroe of Wearebasca and Marius Olteanu as co-producers.

Monsters premieres in Berlin on Friday.

Check out the exclusive trailer here or below.