Pixar Spoofs Colleges With 'Monsters University' Rose Bowl Ad, Website (Video)

Monster University Exterior Screengrab - H 2013

Monster University Exterior Screengrab - H 2013

Debuting during Tuesday's Rose Bowl, the new campaign goes into deep detail, with classes, books and on-campus events all available online.

Stressing over the next step in your education? Perhaps you might want to enroll in the School of Scaring.

Pixar is taking advantage of the countless schools looking to recruit on the airwaves during this college bowl season to build a little buzz for its upcoming film, Monsters University. The Disney-based animator launched during the ESPN-broadcast Rose Bowl on Tuesday a new spot that apes the sunny, optimistic ads that many colleges put on the air during their teams' football outings, and paired it with an immersive website that touts the opportunities at the fictional school for non-humans that will be the setting for their June 2013 film starring Billy Crystal and John Goodman.

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Boasting sections that detail campus events, financial aid, student testimonials and even scientific studies, MonstersUniversity.com is a substantial early campaign that positions the movie for both a teenage and older audience. Mocking some of the standard language found on most buzzword-heavy school sites, the website also includes an academic calendar, book lists and faculty listings (with names such as Dr. Tawny Van der Slime, "Distinguished Professor and Fear Standards Chair, School of Scaring" and Dr. Rufus Oozeman, who "Received a patent on his scream canister filtration design").

For potential students, take note of its top notch School of Scaring: "For generations, the most frightening, gruesome, and hair-raising monsters have built their foundation for scaring at Monsters University. For the 143rd year in a row, Monster News & Report has given MU the top University ranking in their annual scaring issue. The scaring faculty take pride in a rigorous classroom experience, backed with centuries of institutional academic research."

And, if athletics is your thing, the lacrosse program is equal opportunity: "MU Lacrosse is back this year with a renewed spirit because of the brand new Lurchmon playing field, featuring full facilities for both monsters playing on the field and monsters being used as sticks. Breakout stick Jane Pratt looks to set an MU record in goals after sitting out last year due to a season-ending injury (torn mesh basket)."