'Monsters University' Dominates Hong Kong Summer Box Office

Monsters University Still 4 - H 2013
Walt Disney Studios

Monsters University Still 4 - H 2013

A total 46 films were released in the territory in July and August, grossing $49.4 million -- a 13 percent increase over last year.

HONG KONG – Monsters University dominated the summer box office in Hong Kong, while the indomitable latecomer Unbeatable took the crown of highest grossing Chinese-language film of the season within just two weeks of its release.

The Pixar prequel to Monsters Inc. has grossed $9.94 million (HK$77.3 million) since its July 11 bow, according to Hong Kong Box Office Ltd., a subsidiary of Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association and Hong Kong Theatres Association. Brad Pitt's World War Z came in second place, with a HK$42.6 million take, followed by the HK$33.3 million-grossing Man of Steel in third.

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The worldwide blockbuster Despicable Me 2 and Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim followed in fourth and fifth place, with HK$32.5 million and HK$31.7 million, respectively.

Unbeatable, Bona's MMA drama directed by Dante Lam and starring Nick Cheung (The Beast Stalker) and Eddie Peng (Cold War), has raked in HK$30.5 million since its opening on August 15. It has exceeded the HK$30.1 million box office take achieved by Vulgaria, the Chinese-language champion of summer 2012. SDU: Sex Duties Unit, produced by Vulgaria director Pang Ho-cheung, has grossed HK$16.7 million since its July 25 debut, making it the runner-up of the top Chinese-language films this summer.

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Imported films continue to rule the local box office, with 39 imported films released in the territory during July and August 2013, while seven local films were shown during the same period.

While the total number of films released during the two months remain the same as last year, these 46 films released in 2013 grossed HK$384.2 million, a 13.3 percent increase from last year.