Montel Williams Demands Apology from 'Daily Caller' for "Uncle Tom" Tweet

Montel Williams - H 2016

Reporter Betsy Rothstein called Williams the "Uncle Tom of the 2016 presidential election."

Montel Williams is calling for immediate action from the Daily Caller this week after a Twitter back-and-forth ended in harsh and offensive words from reporter Betsy Rothstein

The Twitter feud started Thursday, when Rothstein argued with teenager CJ Pearson over Hillary Clinton, asking him if he had a mental disorder, later mocking him for having Asperger's syndrome. The fight caught the attention of Williams, who has dealt with Rothstein before. Williams tweeted "lol welcome to the club CJ," telling Pearson that he thought Rothstein was "a candidate to be a crazy cat lady for years."

But what made Williams demand a formal apology from the Daily Caller and her firing was when Rothstein tweeted Saturday: "Congrats to @Montel_Williams for being the Uncle Tom of the 2016 presidential election. He pushes payday loans and has endorsed John Kasich." 

Williams responded, "I expect an apology from Daily Caller AND Tucker - and for @betsyscribeindc to be immediately fired."

See the tweets below.