Montreal Auctioneer Cancels Sale of Halle Berry Nailclippers, Hairbrush

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry

It turns out the personal items belong entirely to the Hollywood star's ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, a Quebec model whom she broke up with in 2010.

TORONTO – A Montreal auction house has been forced by Hollywood star Halle Berry to cancel a sale of around 400 personal items that last week were unveiled as belonging to the Hollywood star and long-time boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey, including a hairbrush, a bug-shaped nail clipper and a custom-made crocodile sofa.

Now it turns out the contents belong entirely to Aubry, a Quebec model with whom Berry broke up in 2010.

The Montreal Auction House initially publicized a sale set for Sunday of the items allegedly owned in part by Berry when she shared a condo in Old Montreal and a country house with Aubry.

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Not so, the auction house had to concede, after receiving a cease and desist letter from Berry’s representatives.

"No items were used by her, nor were any items provided by her or any agent of hers for the auction," the Montreal auctioneer said in a statement posted on its website.

"We apologize to her (Berry), and to the public, for the error. All goods were and are the property of Mr. Gabriel Aubry only,” the auction house continued, as it rescheduled the auction to July 21.

Aubry, who has a young daughter with Berry, was last year involved in a physical altercation at the Hollywood star's home with the actress' partner Olivier Martinez.