'Monuments Men' Newsreel-Style Trailer Calls for Actual Art-Search Support

Monuments Men Still Group - H 2013
Claudette Barius/Columbia Pictures

Monuments Men Still Group - H 2013

In partnership with the Monuments Men Foundation, Sony also launches informational and educational websites with lesson plans and maps detailing the team's historical efforts.

The latest trailer for Monuments Men is an actual call to action to help recover Europe's still-missing art treasures.

"As the war rages on, courageous citizens from every corner of the globe join the good fight," says a voiceover in the newsreel-style trailer, released Dec. 20. "Meet the Monuments Men, the Allies' special team assembled to save Europe's great cultural achievements from certain destruction in the last days of the war."

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Besides showcasing John Goodman, Bill Murray, Matt Damon and the other actors in the upcoming feature co-written, directed by and starring George Clooney, the trailer also encourages viewers to visit SupportTheMonumentsMen.com, a new website with resources for those interested in continuing the search for cultural artifacts that have been missing since World War II through the Monuments Men Foundation, established in 2007.

"The Monuments Men and women saved almost 5 million cultural objects, but so much is still missing," said Robert M. Edsel, founder and head of the Monuments Men Foundation and author of the book The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the Greatest Treasure Hunt in History (which the film is based on), in a statement. "They could be anywhere, in your grandfather's attic, or hiding in plain sight. I'm thrilled that with the release of the movie, there will be a way for the public to help complete these heroes' mission."

The trailer ends with the Monuments Men Foundation's phone number, while the site includes a virtual petition, interactive map and information about the actual team's historical efforts.

Sony also announced in a release that the studio has launched MonumentsMenEducation.com, a site with downloadable lesson plans and classroom materials created to educate high school and college students, families and art buffs on the story of the Monuments Men, as well as a community Tumblr page to showcase local art.

Monuments Men opens in theaters Feb. 7. Watch the new trailer below.

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