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Tool on fest's Web site helps filmgoers decide what to see

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HONG KONG -- With nearly 300 films being screened at this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival, it's easy to feel lost in a sea of celluloid. But help is at hand from the Wheel of Emotions, a handy little tool on the HKIFF Web site that helps you decide what to see, based on your mood or what you'd like your mood to be.

With what festival organizers are calling a first, one can choose from 10 states of mind, then let the Wheel of Emotions do its magic.

"We got the idea from all the reports that people are going to movies to forget their troubles these days," HKIFF Society executive director Soo-wei Shaw said. "About 25% of people going to watch movies decide on the spot what to watch, so we're targeting them."

Feeling warm and fuzzy? The wheel will select five "feel good" selections that will make you "want to hug everyone." Lucky enough to be in love? The wheel will deliver the "perfect date movie." Want to get smart and wiser? You're just a click away with the "Wiser" selection.

If you can't even decide how you feel, then click the "Spin the Wheel" option, and it randomly chooses an emotion for you.

By next year, organizers plan to have the wheel accessible on mobiles as well.

"People decide to watch films based on actors or directors, so why not emotions?" Shaw asked. "And it's also a lot of fun to do it this way."