'New Moon' repeats atop int'l boxoffice

'Twilight' sequel adds another $85.1 million to overseas haul

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon" easily took the No. 1 spot on the foreign circuit during the weekend, grossing an estimated $85.1 million from 8,476 sites in 56 markets.

Offshore boxoffice for the girl-meets-vampire teen favorite based on Stephenie Meyer's novel and co-starring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart held up surprisingly well from its No. 1 opening round, dropping a relatively benign 31%.

"New Moon's" total offshore gross is $250.1 million. Worldwide, the total is $480.8 million.

A first-place Germany bow garnered an estimated $16.9 million (including previews) from 703 locations. (Offshore distribution is supervised by Summit International, with Concorde Filmverleih handling in Germany.) The premiere included, said Summit, the second-best Germany opening day this year behind that of the sixth edition of Warner's Harry Potter series, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince."

"New Moon" also topped the charts in France ($8 million at 751 screens), the U.K. ($7.1 million from 504 locations) and in Spain ($5.2 million from 630 sites). Top market cumes include the U.K. ($33.5 million), France ($29 million) and Australia ($24 million).

Boxoffice action for director Roland Emmerich's "2012," the weekend's No. 2 title, dropped by more than 40% from the prior weekend, tallying $61.9 million from 12,098 screens in 107 markets. Since it opened offshore Nov. 11, the disaster epic has grossed a mighty $456.6 million on the foreign circuit, more than three times its domestic tally. Worldwide gross stands at $595.1 million.

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"2012" drew especially well in Asia, taking the No. 1 spots in such key markets as China (a whopping $8 million from 1,630 sites for a market cume of $51.3 million), Japan ($4.4 million from 610 screens, cume $18.8 million) and Korea ($4 million from 629 spots, cume $26.6 million).

No. 3 was "Disney's A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey as Scrooge, which opened in seven markets, grossing $22.1 million from 5,328 sites overall in 48 territories. "Christmas Carol's" foreign cume stands at $94 million.

Fourth was "Paranormal Activity," the super-low-budget domestic boxoffice phenomenon ($107.1 million to date), which opened in U.K. (finishing No. 2 in the market with $5.9 million from 394 sites), Spain ($1 million from 207 screens) and South Korea and wound its second Germany round with $548,143 from 200 sites.

Director Oren Peli's horror thriller from IM Global tallied weekend boxoffice of an estimated $8.5 million from about 1,000 screens.

The weekend's No. 5 title was animation adventure "Planet 51," which is being handled overseas by a number of distributors. Solid openings in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brazil produced $6.4 million on the weekend. The biggest contributor was Spain, where the title from Handmade Films and Ilion Animation grabbed a No. 2 spot with $4.3 million from 442 locations.

Warner Bros. introduced "Ninja Assassin," directed by James McTeigue. The action-crime drama opened to $6 million from 939 locations in 10 markets. A No. 2 Korea bow generated $3.2 million from 245 screens.

Disney unveiled "Old Dogs," co-starring John Travolta and Robin Williams, in Mexico and South Africa day-and-date with its No. 4 domestic premiere. Opening tally from both markets was $1.1 million, with Mexico providing $867,027 from 362 screens. Russia and Spain openings are on tap this week.

Paramount opened "Law Abiding Citizen," a thriller co-starring Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler, in the U.K., where it finished No. 5 in the market with $2.4 million from 353 screens. A second Germany round via Constantin generated $1.1 million from 302 screens.

Disney's "G-Force" opened in China and drew $1.8 million on the weekend overall. Cume for the animation title from producer Jerry Bruckheimer stands at $161.9 million.

In Spain, Paramount's local-language drama "Celda 211" (Cell 211) pushed its four-frame market cume to $7.9 million thanks to a $1.2 million weekend from 218 locations.

The top newcomer in France was Studio Canal's release of director Albert Dupontel's No. 4 ranked "Le vilain" (The Villain). The comedy about a bank robber on the run drew $2.7 million from 354 dates. Clocking in at No. 8 was Mars Distribution's "Une affaire d'Etat" (An Affair of State), a hard-boiled political thriller from director Eric Valette. Opening weekend drew $732,289 from 150 situations.

Other international cumes: Sony's "This Is It"; $179.8 million; Pixar/Disney's Up," $381.5 million; Universal's "Couples Retreat," $39.7 million; Paramount's "Case 39," $7.4 million; Sony's "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," $63.6 million; Paramount's "Charlie and Boots," $3.3 million; the Weinstein Co./Universal's "Inglourious Basterds," $194 million; Sony's "The Ugly Truth," $113.7 million; Pathe's "Tresor" (Treasure)," $5.45 million (in France only); Disney's "Surrogates," $70.3 million; Paramount's "The Uninvited," $14 million; Sony's "The Ugly Truth," $113.8 million; Universal's "Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant," $11 million; and Focus Features' "Love Happens," $8.4 million.

Also, Universal's "The Invention of Lying," $11 million (from six territories); Sony's "Julie & Julia," $32.5 million; Focus Features' "9," $15 million; Paramount's "Imagine That," $6.6 million; Sony's "Zombieland," $12.3 million; Paramount's "Capitalism: A Love Story," $920,525; EuropaCorp. Distribution's "Le concert," $10 million (France only); Universal's "Public Enemies," $108.4 million; Focus Features/Universal's "A Serious Man," $2.5 million; Diaphana Film's "Rapt," $2.2 million (France only); Universal's De Storm," $6.7 million (from the Netherlands and Belgium only); and DreamWorks/Universal's "The Soloist," $5.8 million.