Moore changes at Yahoo


Another shake-up at Yahoo's entertainment division has bumped Vince Broady out of a top post, according to published reports.

Broady, who was installed as head of games, entertainment and youth after the ouster of Yahoo Media Group chief Lloyd Braun in Dec. 2006, is stepping aside in favor of Scott Moore, head of Yahoo News, reported

Broady, who has been with Yahoo since 2006, is considering other options with the company.

There had been rumblings that Yahoo would consolidate management in its entertainment division under Moore, who also oversees sports and finance. Now he will add Broady's five areas: TV, movies, music, games and celebrity-gossip site OMG!.

In a corporate blog posting in September, Broady had already indicated Yahoo was looking to streamline operations out of its Santa Monica, Calif., satellite office, where most of its content efforts are housed.

With its stock price sagging much of the year, the troubled Web giant has been re-assessing itself since June, when co-founder Jerry Yang stepped in as CEO, replacing Terry Semel.

Yahoo declined comment.