More Former Anchor Bay Canada Execs Move to New Indie Distributor (Exclusive)

Courtesy of United Front entertainment

United Front Entertainment adds to its ranks as the shake-up in the Canadian distribution sector continues.

Starz recently re-jigging its Canadian distribution arm has sent more former Anchor Bay Canada execs to new indie distributor United Front Entertainment.

Dev Harracksingh, Ryan Thomas and Laura Dinato are reuniting with former Anchor Bay Canada executives Rob Herholz and Susan Curran to run the sales and market division at United Front Entertainment. The trio worked together at Anchor Bay Canada for nearly a decade.

Herholz and Curran in April formed United Front Entertainment after Starz restructured its Canadian distribution arm. Anchor Bay Canada has consolidated certain business roles in Los Angeles while remaining a full-service provider to the Canadian market.

At United Front, Harracksingh will oversee Canadian market sales as managing director, Thomas becomes executive director of sales planning, and Dinato will handle DVD and Blu-Ray sales as marketing and production manager.

United Front is doing development, marketing and distribution as a new Canadian film player.