More Comedy writers eye WGA ties


About 35 writers on the "Sarah Silverman Program" and five other Comedy Central shows are seeking WGA representation, guild officials said Thursday.

Demands include the cable network's agreeing to "a network-wide contract that would cover their shows and any future programming produced by the network," the WGA West said.

The writers work on West Coast-based productions, which also include the current-running "Mind of Mencia," "Reno: 911!" and "The Showbiz Show," and the upcoming "Lil'Bush" and "American Body Shop."

In August, the WGA East announced a first-ever agreement with producers of Comedy Central's "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart." Providing 14 show employees raises, secondary and foreign residuals, and a union pension plan, the agreement elevated salaries to levels comparable with other late-night variety shows, WGAE execs said.