More Emojis Means More Sex, Study Finds

Happy Emoji - S 2015

Happy Emoji - S 2015

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Dating website released its annual Singles in America survey and discovered that people who used more emojis tended to have more sex.

Conducted by's chief scientific advisor, Helen Fisher, in collaboration with a Kinsey Institute senior research fellow, the survey found that the users who favored emojis were having more sex than users who didn't.

According to AlterNet, the survey included 5,675 singles ages 18 and older.

Match's survey discovered that 54 percent of people who used emojis had sex in 2014, but a lesser 31 percent of nonusers had sex spanning over the same time frame. The survey explained that while there is a correlation between sex and emojis, utilizing more emojis does not necessarily mean winky-face users will be getting more in the bedroom.

Research also showed that those who opt for emojis in messages tend to go on more dates and desire marriage more than those who don't.

“Sixty-two percent of emoji users want to get married, compared to 30 percent of people who never used an emoji,” said Fisher.

"[Emojis] show personality," 53 percent of women and 49 percent of men who took the survey admitted, and 37 percent of males and 36 percent of women said "They make it easier to express feelings."

Match found that emoji users opt for the kiss, winky and smiley faces most frequently, with women mainly selecting the smiley face and lips and men choosing heart-eyes and the kiss.