More Layoffs Hit 'Access' and 'Access Live' as Part of Larger Creative Shifts

Maureen FitzPatrick-Publicity-H 2019
Courtesy of NBCUniversal

The layoffs are part of an overall revamp of the shows which has been a months-long process that has seen the departure of host Natalie Morales and veteran executive producer Rob Silverstein.

More staffing changes have hit Access

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that multiple people were laid off Thursday across the suite of shows that make up the NBCUniversal brand, including Access, Access Live and the Access weekend edition. The layoffs come close to three months after it was announced that veteran TV executive and producer Maureen FitzPatrick would be replacing veteran executive producer Rob Silverstein in the role.

His departure came after a 20-year tenure with Access, and was accompanied by news that host Natalie Morales was also out. With FitzPatrick taking over, additional changes were expected and the layoffs are said to be a part of an overall restructuring based on production needs and the future creative direction of the show. 

The layoffs hit various levels, and a source says that some veteran producers like Nancy Harrison and Christine Fahey were among those who exited. To the casual observer, it's clear that Access has been testing out new creative formats in recent weeks under the leadership of FitzPatrick.

Anchors Scott Evans and Sibley Scoles have been reporting from various locations outside the traditional Access studio, including a newsroom and off-site locales. THR has heard from multiple sources that a new studio is expected to debut as part of the creative shift in format. 

More to come.