More Pixar pressed for THQ play

'Wall-E' video game to expand on movie's story line

THQ said Thursday that it is developing a game based on the upcoming summer Disney/Pixar movie "Wall-E," continuing what has been a productive relationship between the gamemaker and film studio.

To date, THQ has shipped more than 35 million units of games based on Pixar films, including "The Incredibles," "Cars" and last year's "Ratatouille." The "Wall-E" game is being developed internally at THQ by Heavy Iron Studios for various platforms including the Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony's PlayStation 3 and PSP, Nintendo Wii and DS as well as PC and Mac.

Set to reach theaters June 27, "Wall-E" centers on a robot left to clean up Earth who falls in love with another robot. THQ said the game will contain story lines and environments that expand on the movie's plot.

THQ senior vp global marketing Bob Aniello said the company plans to have "Wall-E" games on store shelves about a week before the film opens to take advantage of the marketing and hype surrounding the movie. But he added that the real strength of titles based on the Pixar movies thus far has been a much longer shelf life.

"These games only do about 20% of their volume in their launch month," he said. "But they tend to spike again with the DVD release and again when the games become a greatest hits for the various platforms. So you actually get three marketing windows, and you have this longer tail than you see in traditional video game sales."