More Silver for Babelsberg


Joel Silver has inked a five-year co-production deal with Germany's Studio Babelsberg for the features he produces under his deal with Warner Bros.

The deal is in addition to the standing co-financing arrangement Babelsberg and Silver have for the 15-film slate produced by his Warner Bros.-backed genre label Dark Castle.

Silver has shot his past three features in Babelsberg: "Ninja Assassin," "Speed Racer" and "V for Vendetta." The first film under the new deal will begin production at the German studio in the spring.

"This new arrangement with Joel Silver is part of our strategy to establish long-term slate deals with established, successful Hollywood producers," Studio Babelsberg CEO Carl Woebcken said. "On the one hand, it helps us guarantee a certain number of big films shot here, and on the other hand it allows us to participate in the success of these productions."

Babelsberg is in negotiations with another, unnamed producer for a similar slate deal, which it expects to close in early 2009. (partialdiff)