More staffers join BBC's U.S. newscast


NEW YORK -- BBC's first U.S.-based hourlong newscast announced more hirings Tuesday, including a key "Charlie Rose" producer.

Iva Zoric will become senior producer for the as-yet-unnamed broadcast, which will be executive produced by CBS veteran Rome Hartman and air nightly on BBC America and BBC World News Channel. Zoric, who had been a producer at the PBS interview show for 10 years, will be in charge of the show's interviews and panel discussions. BBC veteran Sarah Robbins will move from London, where she works at "Newsnight," to the Washington studios, where she will be the newscast's senior producer for planning. Robbins has worked as a producer in Los Angeles and Washington since she joined the BBC in 2001.

Also named Tuesday were Bob Sharpe as lead director; Brian Gottlieb and Kathryn Farrell as producers. Sharpe has directed BBC newscasts as well as special event coverage. Gottlieb was a producer for PBS' "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" and Farrell was a producer for Channel One Network in the U.S. as well as CNN.

The on-air team has not been named yet. Two senior broadcast producers, Claudia Milne and Nicky Goldberg, previously joined the newscast. Both were working at BBC.