#MoreThanMean Tweets Video Exposes Online Hate for Female Sports Reporters

Courtesy of YouTube/Just Not Sports
#MoreThanMean Tweets

After the powerful PSA — which shows men reading hateful tweets to the women face-to-face — went viral Wednesday, one of the sportscasters weighed in on the "soul-sucking" online vitriol.

A new #MoreThanMean tweets video might sound like the popular Jimmy Kimmel sketch "Mean Tweets," but there's one major difference: It's not funny.

Sports podcast Just Not Sports asked average men to sit down with two Chicago-based female sports writers, ESPN columnist and radio host Sarah Spain and 670 The Score anchor Julie DiCaro, and read aloud some of the offensive Twitter posts directed at the women on a regular basis. 

At first the men think they are in for a light-hearted gag. But soon things take a turn as they are forced to regurgitate comments that range from explicit name-calling and gender stereotypes to threats of rape, domestic violence and even death.

The women have seen the tweets, but the men haven't.

"I'm having trouble looking at you when I'm saying these things," says one of the struggling men, while another squirms before reading a comment about DiCaro becoming "Bill Cosby's next victim."

All men are shown becoming visibly upset, with many expressing their condolences and some even refusing to continue.

The video, which you can watch below, has been viewed more than 1 million times.

"It was really emotional and it kind of knocks you back a bit," DiCaro, who also writes for sports website The Cauldron, told Metro Morning on Wednesday after the video went viral. "Even the tweets that don't necessarily cross the line into death or rape threats are still sort of soul-sucking because they come at you in such an avalanche every day."

In a statement on their website, Just Not Sports says: "In reading the statements out loud to women journalists, guys are forced to experience, sometimes for the first time, the shocking online harassment happening to women in sports day in, day out. It serves as proof most sports fans would NEVER say these things to another person — so we shouldn’t type this garbage, either."

DiCaro, who covered the rape allegations against Patrick Kane, and Spain, who wrote about the sexual assault allegations against Peyton Manning, plan to discuss the video and online harassment during a panel in Chicago later today.