Morgan Freeman Narrates New Obama Campaign Ad (Video)

Morgan Freeman Narrates Barack Obama Ad - H 2012

Morgan Freeman Narrates Barack Obama Ad - H 2012

The evocative ad, called "Challenges," received more than 187,000 YouTube views since its weekend debut.

In rolling narrative cadence and iconic images that move from somber to triumphant, President Barack Obama’s re-election team has enlisted Morgan Freeman in what may be the campaign's most striking TV ad this season.

The brief but powerful piece evokes the gritty history of socially conscious film with the Oscar-winning actor’s silken baritone linking images of Obama to scenes of accelerating economic recovery.

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Subliminally, at least, it also recalls Vice President Joe Biden’s summary of the reelection campaign’s most basic theme: "Bin Laden dead and GM is alive."

"Every president inherits challenges," Freeman says in the 30-second ad's opening moments.

“Few have faced so many,” he continues with each succeeding sentence linked to an image. “Four years later, our enemies have been brought to justice. Our heroes are coming home. Assembly lines are humming again. There are still challenges to meet. Children to educate. A middle-class to rebuild. But the last thing we should is turn back now."

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The film ends with the word “Forward” emblazoned across the screen. The campaign began airing the ad on television stations around the country on Saturday. By Monday morning, the YouTube version had received more than 187,000 views.