Morgan Freeman Slams Cable News Over Baltimore Riots Coverage: "F— the Media"

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"There's a take, there's a take and there's a take. It's just commentary," he says about MSNBC, Fox News and CNN.

Morgan Freeman isn't impressed by cable news networks' coverage of the recent unrest in Baltimore.

Freeman stars in the new film Five Flights Up, which focuses on the wild media speculation that occurs after a Muslim man's truck is stopped on a bridge. Freeman told the Daily Beast that scenes in the film mirror the way that the media covered the Baltimore riots surrounding the death of Freddie Gray. Gray died April 19 after suffering a spinal cord injury while in police custody.

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"Isn't that always happening?" Freeman said of media distortion of facts. "Look at MSNBC, Fox News and CNN. Go between those three. There's a take, there's a take and there's a take. It's just commentary. CNN wants to be pure news, but the others are just commentary. They're just commenting on things."

The veteran actor feels that nonstop footage of the riots has ended up distorting Gray's story, as cameras "can't really clarify the narrative." He pointed out that the reporting on the Baltimore riots has been more thorough the one-sided coverage of the Ferguson demonstrations, with protesters having realized that setting fires gets more attention than using words.

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He also admitted that camera footage does make police more accountable for their actions. "Now, at least you can see, 'Hey, his hands were up in the air! What part of your safety were you afraid of? The guy was running away, what part of your safety was in danger?’ " he said.

Freeman ended his interview with, "Anyway, off the media," before adding with a chuckle: "F— the media."

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