Morgan Freeman Wore a Baseball Cap While Accepting His Lifetime Achievement Award

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The man can do what he wants.

Sure, you didn't ask for yet another reason to love Morgan Freeman, and you certainly didn't need one — he's already number one in your heart (no easy feat, because Oprah). But when the actor best known for his um, godly roles offers one up on a silver platter, you accept it humbly.

At the SAG Awards on Sunday evening, the beloved 80-year-old gave his fans prime meme fodder when he stepped out wearing an unexpected fashion accessory: a baseball cap. Not only did he wear the cap inside the auditorium (perhaps the bright lights irritated his eyes?), but he kept it on as he took to the stage to accept his lifetime achievement award. 

We know what you're thinking and the answer is no, nowhere in the official black tie dress code handbook is a baseball cap listed as appropriate attire. But when perched atop Freeman's freckled face and styled with his signature gold studs and a black tuxedo, we were at once forgiving and smitten. 

After accepting the honor from Rita Moreno, another living legend, Freeman went on to urge SAG-AFTRA to make the switch to gender-neutral statues — and because he's Morgan Freeman, SAG-AFTRA listened. "It works from the back," the actor said of the statue. "From the front, it's gender-specific. Maybe I started something." 

In response, the organization tweeted, "Change starts NOW." 

Keep on keepin' on, Freeman.