Morgan Spurlock Making Doc About Artisanal Craftsman

AP Images
Morgan Spurlock

Haagen-Daaz is providing support for the short film, which is not yet titled.

Morgan Spurlock is planning a new documentary short film that will look at the master craftsmen behind some of the world’s artisanal products and crafts. Ice cream-maker Haagen-Dazs is providing support for the film, which is not yet titled.

"With this film, I wanted to explore what drives our culture toward artisanal products and crafts, particularly within the food industry, as well as explore our desire to connect with heritage through what we consume or purchase,” Spurlock said. “There are so many dedicated craftsmen who are a part of this movement, who manage to keep traditions alive while reminding us what really matters."

An Oscar nominee for his 2004 film Super Size Me, Spurlock’s current projects include Morgan Spurlock Inside Man on CNN; Connected, AOL’s first long-form series; and Smartish, an upcoming premium branded content channel for