Morgan Spurlock: Nothing Is More 'Dangerous' Than Entering an Advertising Agency (Video)

Matt Carr/Getty Images

The director says it wasn't easy asking marketers to fund his film "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold," which centers on product placement, marketing and advertising.

Morgan Spurlock says nothing in his life -- not even spending time in prison or eating nothing but McDonald's food for a month -- prepared him for the challenges of trying to sell sponsors on funding his new documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold.

He says when he pitched the idea of to make "a film all about product placement, marketing and advertising, where the film is fully funded by product placement, marketing and advertising," he wasn't exactly greeted with enthusiasm.

"I have spent the past few years putting myself into situations that are usually very difficult and at the same time very dangerous," he said at last month's TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, adding: "But nothing could prepare me, nothing could ready me, for anything as difficult or as dangerous as going into the rooms with (advertising agencies)."

(Incidentally, Spurlock spent time in jail for his FX series 30 Days, to see what it was really like, and the all-McDonald's diet -- which gave him health programs -- was for his documentary Super Size Me.)

By the way, Spurlock also tried to sell naming rights to his TED speech. Watch below.

Greatest Movie opens Friday.