Morgan Spurlock Will Shave His Trademark Mustache Off for Charity

Morgan Spurlock Mustache Portrait - P 2011
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Doha Film Institute

Morgan Spurlock Mustache Portrait - P 2011

The documentary auteur of "Supersize Me" and "The Greatest Movie Ever Sold" will publicly give up his mustache to support the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

Morgan Spurlock is as famous for being in his films as he is creating and directing them -- and now he will alter his own image for Movember, a group raising funds for and calling attention to men's prostrate cancer. He's sacrificing his signature mustache, which the flamboyant filmmaker hasn't changed in over a decade. This is the kind of thing famous women do with their hair for charities -- but it's the first we've heard of a man changing his look for a good cause.

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The month of November is a month long effort by the charity where participants shave off their mustaches, then re-grow them in one month. Spurlock wanted to contribute on November 1, but he's been shooting a film for which he needed his famed stach -- but on December 2, he will shave it live at the Roseland Ballroom in New York City along with Movember CEO Adam Garone and other Movember participants. And of course, they're inviting camera crews to watch him take it all off.

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Spurlock is making a five thousand dollar pledge to the group, and the December 2 event is a costume party where men -- and women -- celebrate their mustaches. And who knows? Not only will he be helping prostate cancer efforts -- Spurlock might look younger than his 41 years after he does it. And sexier. And yes, it is another way for him to get his mug out there. After all, the man behind The Greatest Movie Ever Sold knows a lot about branding. Even with his own face.