Moritz Bleibtreu working in Akin's 'Kitchen'


BERLIN -- German actor Moritz Bleibtreu will have a lead role in director Fatih Akin's film "Soul Kitchen," which nabbed 800,000 euros ($1.26 million) from local subsidy body Filmforderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein.

The comedy, which will be shot in Hamburg, centers on a restaurant owner (Adam Bousdoukos) whose life has entered a rough patch. Birol Unel (Akin's "Head-On") also has a role. Filming will begin in October with a budget of 4 million euros ($6.3 million), according to producer Klaus Maeck. Corazon International is producing the film.

FFHSH also gave 350,000 euros ($550,000) to Berlin-based Schramm Film for "Dorfpunks," based on the novel by Rocko Schamoni and to be directed by Lars Jessen. The fund also is backing director Eleanore Faucher's "Gamines" from Cologne's Pandora, which received 320,000 euros ($503,000). That film will be based on French actress Sylvie Testud's family history.