MORNING ROUNDUP: Bristol Palin Downplays Mom's Influence on Keeping Her on 'Dancing With the Stars'

Courtesy of ABC

PLUS: Kanye West is still on for a Thanksgiving performance on NBC, Arianna Huffington faces a lawsuit over her site.

- Bristol Palin downplays that she's in the top four on Dancing With the Stars because of her mom's Tea Party supporters -- despite The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive poll that Republicans overwhelmingly watch the ABC show. "Think of all the people out there who hate my mom," she said Monday. "Why don't we talk about that? It can work both ways with me being Sarah Palin's daughter." Bristol -- who received her highest scores yet as Sarah and Todd Palin watched from the audience -- added: "I work my butt off here. I rehearse every day. I am totally out of my element here. I think I deserve to be here." Four finalists remain. Related: Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered to record ratings Sunday.

- As the Justice Department and the FCC continue their regulatory review of Comcast's planned acquisition of NBC Universal, Comcast executive vp David Cohen in a speech Monday argued for a limited government role in regulating the Internet, the Los Angeles Times reported. "Over the years, lawyers and lobbyists have dominated the discussion on broadband policy," Cohen said in his appeal that cable, telecom and tech firms largely self-regulate the space. "And they are generally not paid to produce consensus." Observers have said that regulators may put conditions on the Comcast-NBC Uni deal that focus on the combined entity's online power. Cohen highlighted "the proven success of the Internet as a largely self-governing, self-healing ecosystem...with minimal direct involvement by government."

- Kanye West will still perform at the Matt Lauer-hosted Thanksgiving Day parade, the New York Post reports. West called off a second performance -- scheduled the day after Thanksgiving -- after getting in a fight with Lauer for playing a clip of his infamous ambush of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV VMAs in the middle of an interview on the Today show earlier this week.

- A new lawsuit claims that Arianna Huffington stole the idea for her website, The Huffington Post. The suit, filed by two democratic political consultants against Huffington and her business partner Ken Lerer, claims they wrote a memo with the idea that "political luminaries and public figures should be invited to blog," and suggested it could be called  "The Stassinopoulos Report," "Arianna's on Fire" or "Arianna Says." Gawker points out their chances of winning in court are slim, as they have "no written contract, and no evidence that Huffington and Lerer considered them formal partners.