MORNING ROUNDUP: Christina Aguilera: Filming Burlesque 'Was Hardest I Worked My Whole Life'

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Plus: PBS ombud says it was a "big mistake" to edit Tina Fey's speech, Technicolor closes North Hollywood film plant, Michael Bay's Digital Domain moving 3D operations to Florida.

- Christina Aguilera admits shooting Burlesque (in theaters Nov. 24) was a huge challenge. In an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that airs Friday, the host asks her why she didn't make her film debut in an independent. "That's exactly what I was thinking. To kind of get my feet wet, get in there, take a smaller role sort of something in an independent film just to kind of dabble in there, you know, be the newcomer and not take a musical at all," Aguilera replies. "And then here I am. Didn't quite turn out that way starring in a movie with Cher and taking on such an ordeal as a musical. Wearing so many different hats. It was a lot of work. Probably the hardest I've worked my whole life." RELATED: The drama behind the director and Screen Gems on-set.

- PBS ombudsman Michael Getler has called out his network for cutting Tina Fey's controversial jokes about Sarah Palin in last Sunday's broadcast of the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Award special. "I think the producers made a big mistake, one that was virtually certain to come back and bite them and PBS," Getler wrote Thursday. While producers have said they only made the edit to trim the broadcast 19 minutes, Getler wrote, "You would have to have a tin ear, in my non-producer opinion, not to recognize that Fey's extraordinary ability to mimic Palin on Saturday Night Live two years ago -- aside from her many other accomplishments -- surely was an important factor in this award, and to take out those 30 seconds or so seemed to diminish Fey's uniqueness, take the viewing audience for granted and deprive it of one of the most edgy segments, and certainly at least appear to be influenced by political considerations." VIDEO: Tina Fey's unedited speech.

- Russell Brand has been cleared for assaulting a paparazzo last September at Los Angeles International Airport. "Mr. Brand came in with his attorney and met with our officials,” Los Angeles City Attorney's Office spokesman Frank Mateljian said. "No further action is going to be taken in the matter."

- Technicolor is shuttering its North Hollywood release-print plant in light of the migration to domestic exhibition moving digital. North American release-print operations will now be completed within its Montreal plant. The company is negating with union reps and has not yet released how many jobs will be shed.

- Visual effects house Digital Domain, which is partly owned by Transformers' Michael Bay, is acquiring Westlake Village-based In-Three Inc., and moving to Florida. “I'd rather keep the jobs in California, [but Florida is] more economical than California, I'm sorry to say,'' Cliff Plumer, Digital Domain's chief executive, told the Los Angeles Times of his company, which is currently based in Venice. Many of the company's 70 employees will relocate to West Palm Beach. In-Three worked on Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, among other projects. “This partnership adds large-scale production to In-Three's world-class technology while creating new jobs in the state of Florida,'' said John Textor, chairman of Digital Domain.

- Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway and Oscar winner Denzel Washington will host the Nobel Peace Concert in Norway on Dec. 11, the Wall Street Journal reports. Herbie Hancock and Elvis Costello are among those scheduled to perform in honor of Chinese activist Liu Xiaobo, who is unlikely to attend due to imprisonment.